2015-02-22 в 14:54 

Erika V. Arien
Mein Herz mein Geist meine Seele, lebt nur für dich, mein Tod mein Leben meine Liebe, ist nichts ohne Dich // Теневая смутьянка
Ух ты, прикольно...
Жаль, на английском, знаю его плохо, но прошла. Вышел вампир.
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You are the aristocracy of the night! You reside in a mighty castle or ancient manor house, sipping the finest blood from a wine glass. You are a suave/sexy and cultured individual but also a predatory thirster for the blood of the living. Avoid garlic, wooden stakes, and sunlight and you should live forever!

2015-02-23 в 17:08 

Secret Boss [DELETED user]
Я Оборотнем оказался. :-D

You're the top of the food chain baby! Those Vampires may think they are in charge, but we know who is really the baddest monster on the block! You love the outdoors and are about as freespirited as they come. You bow to no one, except maybe the guy with the silver bullets. Let the beast run free!